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2001-06-10 23:47:36 (UTC)

Who's to Blame? Computers or People?

So, so , sorry Ticket-fans. I've gone through a major
writing block on my diary bit. No people to psychoanalyze!
So I have to resort to machinery.
My department store just had a drastic change. Instead of
having the managers make our schedules, a new computer
program is. And at first, we all thought it would be for
the best.
You see, we had a shortage of people when the managers made
the schedule. Hardly anyone would be in the store.
There'd be one cashier from 8-2 on many occasions (usually
me, but I digress) and no one in the departments to help
the cashier out. This caused quite a bit of customer
anxiety as well. It was quite a bad situation.
Fortunately, the computer was here to help. The computer
would schedule according to needs and hour fulfillment. So
we'd have enough help during the day.
Good, right?
Now, there's new problems. A) Priority goes to the
cashier and customer service department so one won't
necessarily always be in a department (just when I thought
I could take a long overdue and very much earned break from
cashiering). Naturally, no one wants to do the hard stuff
and cashiering is the hard stuff. I mean think about the
way people act in stores. They HAVE to get the exact right
discount. They HAVE to have their merchandise bagged a
certain way. They HAVE to be bitchy at times. So no one
wants to do that. Well, I've been doing it for the past
year and three months. I've transferred. I'm out. DON'T
MAKE ME GO BACK THERE! Well, the computer is making me go
back there. Gr! :( B) The hours must be filled. By
hook or crook (as my boyfriend says). Whether this means
you have to work on the days you've requested off or not.
Many times associates have been requesting days off due to
vacation or family things or such and since Mr. Computer
needs to fill the hours, he overlooks the requests off.
Super Grrrrrrrrr! This causes a lot of problems as well.
C) Then there are the associates who all can work at the
popular times to work (weekday nights/weekend days). But
they aren't getting enough hours due to their slots being
filled. Well, I don't have too much sympathy for these
people, because guess who's working the not-so-popular
So I've come to the conclusion that there needs to be
changes. But not by the computers or the managers.
Neither way will make people totally satisified. It comes
down to this, I believe. There are two types of
associates: the associates, like myself, who can work at
any time and get the crappy shifts because they can work at
any time and the associates who can work weekday nights
(because they have school or something during the day) yet
have such an important social life that only permits theme
to work Saturday and Sunday days (oh, yes, they can't work
Fridays either). So I think the best solution is, HIRE
teenager. I like to hang with gal pals. I like being with
my boyfriend.........A LOT! But still, I have a
responsibility to work and sometimes the gal pals and
boyfriend will just have to step down to my work
responsibility. Likewise, I know I step down to my
friends' and boyfriend's work priorities. So you
college/high school kids who have jobs yet want to have a
social life, you can't have your cake and eat it too. If
you want a job, you have to put that before partying. And
if you want a social life, you better find a job that will
only need you on good hours and that's hard! Really hard!
I know it seems unfair that you get a job to make money to
have a social life, but that's life. Life isn't fair. So
do I hang with my gal pals and my boyfriend. Of course!
On my days off which are assigned by my manager or Mr.
Computer. But I can't have a crappy availability. I'm too
responsible for that. Sure one can request days off for
fun stuff (heck I'm doing that next week, WHOO HOO!) but
week after week after week? That's not fair to your new
job! You must understand that, although it's not a career,
it is a responsibility that's yours so please act like a
grown-up and take some responsibility. And maybe the next
time you work, your small corner of the world would have
gotten just a tiny bit bigger.
Raffle Ticket926

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