through the looking glass
2002-05-22 18:55:47 (UTC)

New Game New Rules New Lisa!!! new man maybe one can always hope

Today is the Restart of this journal. HI Im lisa Im now 21
years old and living with my ex and his current girlfriend.

RULE 1 never live with an ex! Tooo much shit to deal with!

That said so I started playing Larp again and remember noq
why I actualy like this game. Its fun and interesting and
weather you have ever played tabletop before your good
realy its a blast. Ok so yea Eric and I are kaput see above
with first rule of new life. Thats been over for about 2
months now and I think Im acutaly over it. In otherwords I
have moved on to better men Like Jean-Carlo Giovanni (IE
Josh Manning) Hes a sweetheart and doesnt seem too
pretentious or anything which I am glad for. Hes a cutie
too we sat at the booth in dennys from 12:30 till 4 this
morning! :) :) :) Then we went back to a friends and
watched Boiler Room I wish we could have had the orriginal
plan but hey. The cutest part was that he didnt even like
try to kiss me till this morning when The movie was over
then it was slow and sweet and so the kind of guy I should
be with! I have finaly decided something I am worth the
good sweet good looking guy no matter what anyone else

RULE 2. Never let any guy make you think your not worth
him! Your probably worth better than him but, if you like
him he must have atleast one good quality.

Ok my rule number three comes kinda from my mom Who always
said you had to kiss alot of Frogs in order to know if
theres even a prince in the near vicinity of you...

RULE 3. IF you have a date with an awsome guy who you think
may be THE HANSOME PRINCE your waiting for. Dont party with
others get self drunk and possibly hurt the Prince you
actualy like!

That Rule comes also from my own experience as its
something I have done and it comes from watching JM get
hurt by another Friend of mine Kat and our buddy Josh R.
(ok Im starting to see a trend here!) Oh and speaking of
Josh R. this brings me to rule 4

RULE 4. Always Check who the person your hanging out with,
kissing, ect is playing around with they could be dating
other people and trying to have multiple fuck buddys but
nothing else and not tell you this could get you into all
sorts of trouble with friends and loved ones!!

So thats my first four rules made because of my last two
months of experiences! Oh wait there is a number 5

Rule number 5. Love like youve never been hurt Dance like
no ones watching And smile knowing it all works out in the

Dont give up smiling Its Truly what makes us great!

Rule 6. Never give up eather get what you want or change
your mind!

Well Peace People Im out Beleive in God Love people Be of