The End
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2001-06-10 23:09:07 (UTC)

chocolate covered pretzels.

Chocolate covered pretzels. That's what we fought about.
Chocolate covered pretzels. Not the fact he was being an
asshole or that I had just spent too much money for a toy.
Not about anything important.

Discussion on any level is absent, unless its about him and
I grow weary of that subject. What about the moon and the
stars? Can't we discuss them for a while? Or how about the
butterflies and moths teeming in the back yard.

Or how about the fact we don't belong together. Fire and Ice
without the passion. How I ended up here is a mystery. Well
that's not true. I know how I got here. Hiding from myself
and the world I allowed him to take my hand and lead me
straight into hell.

Oh yeah. I went willingly. I knew.