Thoughts from Blue Angel
2002-05-22 17:35:38 (UTC)

I Did It!

In the last two days, I lost a pound, just like I was
aiming for!

Ok, yeah, so I ate a blueberry donut last night. I even
drank a small glass Diet Coke. But that's ok! I can't
give up everything cold turkey. Besides, I could
definitely afford the calories. It's not that I starve
myself on purpose. It's that there is little to eat in our
house that isn't disgustingly fattening. So, when it comes
down to eating frozen pizza or the same turkey sandwich
I've had for 5 days in a row, I opt to not eat.

I am kind of sore today, but that's all right. I got up
and worked out and I'll keep going just like I do any other
day - just a little slower!