the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2002-05-22 17:03:59 (UTC)

Jeff*s back !

mood: moderate
music: gone away- Cold
Hey this is Tiffany sitting w/McCall...I wanted to type
something also...McCall and I have this mutual agreement
that Carissa Schoeling is sooooooo fake and so is the
"group" they are so stupid and gross and they need to get
over themselves! Anyways now that I have vented have a nice

Yessssssss!!!!!! he is back ... my life is complete I
thought for the longest time that i would never talk to him
again .. but I was sooo wrong..Ne ways so lets talk about
how much I wanna move out .. I hate my living situation ..
lets leave it at that and I want to get out as soon as
possable.. I don't understand when it becomes okay from a
child to step out of their parents shell and enter the world
untoched and new ... You see I can not stand being held back
from this .. and I am .. I wanna freak .. bahh having a hard
time concentrating .. so if this is broken in parts and
makes no sence then well I'm sorry .. I am listeng to Tiff
review for history ! hehehe ne ways so yeah life is okay ..
I dunno it could be better there really is alot of pain
under the surface .. ne ways so my mother is going to get me
a councler b/c I am apparently disturbed or something like
that .. i dunno i think my issue is her she is the root of
all my issues I mean really my mother plays a big roll in
why I am lonely and why I am upset and choose to seperate
myself from her and my father .. I am mopving I just need to
figure out where I am going ..... thats all for now latez

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