The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2002-05-22 15:20:57 (UTC)

Darien Lake...for those i know...

Well, i figured this would be easier to do then just asking
people...(my friends...) I got this thing in the mail from
Boy Scouts for Darien Lake Tickets and instead of $30.99,
they are only Charging me $13.00 the catch is we would have
to go between the 18-20th (i think those are the dates)
anyways i was planing on going and so i was wondering if
any of my friends (you know who you are) wanted to go...all
you would have to do is basically give moi $13.00 (if thats
the right amount) and let me know so i can send in the post
card on time, and i think it would be fun b/c we could all
go on the 20th which is a sunday and we could spend the
enitre day... and it is the sunday after school is
officially OUT!!! oh well just respond to me, or let me
know in person...ok well i ask people anyways even if you
read this diary thing..oh well let me know..see yall later