Birds fly over the rainbow, why then oh
2001-06-10 20:36:05 (UTC)

Finding the rainbow

The world changed today. Nature awoke from it's long
winter slumber and changed from a hueless grey to beautiful
rolling hills of green, flowers of pinks, yellows, purples,
and of course, the vast blue ribbon of sky dotted with
ivory clouds. Winter and it's death like properties has
finally diminished in the North Country. If only, I could
enjoy it.
The burden of the Earth Science Regents lies upon me.
Thinking of it makes me phsically tired and mentally sick.
I know I'm going to fail that damn thing. It's like,
Thursday is the day of judgement and if I pass, I go to
heaven, but if I fail, I got to hell. I have nightmares
about that damn test. I'm tired, oh so tired. I need time
to find myself. Who am I, really? Why can't I spread my
wings and soar over the rainbow? Where is the rainbow?

Welcome to my thoughts. Enjoy.