Lenore the fool

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2002-05-22 06:24:25 (UTC)

I don wanna be my friend now more

None of you are truly my friends. If you were you'd have
noticed my pain. You'd have notice how i destroy myself.
Maybe you'd have noticed how i cover up my wrists now. you
ever stop to think that i'm in pain. That i need some
attention. But no i'm a loser that none of you need me.
Does anyone understand how it feels to have all your friends
recieve awards and you be the only one left with out. To
receive the lowest honor. When people look at me they see
the dumb one the idiot. and i'm not the pretty one the world
doesn't love me. I'm screwed. I'm the reject the loser.
But what do you care what does anyone care. Some poor love
struck fool too dumb for words and no rewards needed, not
worthy of any. Why am i so fucked up? Why am i such a
failure? Why doesn't anyone like me anymore? Why am i so
whiney? Why do I care? Why do i still want love even though
i know i'll just destroy it anyway. Why do i do this why do
i hurt people? I dunno but when i'm hurt i cry with me or i
used to not the world. The world doesn't give a fuck about
me. This world would probably be a lot better with out me.
Why probably? Fuck it. It would be better. I know it so
does everyone else. It's a waste to be useless.