The mediocrity that is me
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2002-05-22 05:58:05 (UTC)

Creepy moment of my week.

Have I mentioned that i hate low-rider trucks?

I hate them with a passion.

There is one low-rider truck that I particularly despise.
It represents everything I cannot stand in teenage
boys...You know....it's a low-rider truck; fantastic sound
system (with the base set to the "obnoxious-lets-shatter-
some-windows" level), the hideous brake lights (you know
you aren't cool till you've fixed those up), and well,
basically it's a low-rider truck, and the kid (or, most
likely, his mommy and daddy) spent a lot of money on the
truck. More money than should be put into a vehicle. Ever.

Anyway, this damn truck is always parked next to our house.
I think it belongs to whoever the girl next door is fucking
at the moment. And, not only is the truck hideous and
obnoxious, but the guy who drives it is an asshole. Huge
asshole. GIGANTIC asshole. The guy just gives off jerk
vibes like you would not believe. His nature could not be
any more noticible if he had the word "JERK" tattooed on
his forehead in flashing neon lights.

So I watch him drive off, and I turn to my sister and
say "I hope he gets into a car accident with his damn,
ugly, low-rider truck."

Yeah, guess what I heard a few days ago?

Apparently, the kid got into some car accident. Great.

Holy cow, do I feel bad. I don't think I'm going to be
wishing pain and suffering on anyone ever again. Even
moronic teenage boys will be spared my wrath.

Anyway, dude, I hope you're ok, and you don't have any
brain damage, and the car accident wasn't a horrible one,
and you don't die, and you walk away with no permanent
damage, and you never crash another car again, and you grow
up to be rich and famous, and you marry a supermodel and
all your dreams come true.

But your truck still sucks.