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2002-05-22 02:36:32 (UTC)

A taste of independence - and my friends

Today 20th of May 2002 I went to uptown. I got some book
and took it to a costumer. I used other provider because
other was unreachable. Because other provider pays better
rate I tasted it was profitable. Now it is not only a way
of help people to study for govern public tests. But it
could make income. It is good for improve the quality of
my service. Independence is good and profitable. And I
can help my truly friends better with time I get.
I saw Nel today. I only see her and ever I did not say
much. I will make that thing of look into eyes to speak.
I played some chess with some tough people in my home town.
They will not try to take advantage of my name anymore.
Because they lost the matches. And every people there know
I am good in chess too.
Tomorrow better day of new era for me and sure for my best
truly friends.