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2001-06-10 19:11:17 (UTC)

another day,,it was ok

Today was a good day,thank god for a good day.Since i have
decided that he has to make up his mind fromout side the
house i feel so much better. I was close to a nervous
breakdown the emotional stress he put on me by treating me
like dirt i just couldn't take anymore.I mowed the yard
today,cleaned the bathroom,did wash and planted some
flowers.I have satyed busy and i have a better out look on
life..I realize i deserve better and my kids an I don't
need the emotion abuse I have to live with the physical and
emotional abandonment caused by this man who use to be the
most wonderful guy in the world to all of us..
well I am watching my soaps i missed all week,yippie for
the sn channel....makes sun go by fster also,,i have to
work 4 hrs tomorrow was suppose to be a day off but i can
use the hours now have to get stuff for my kids by myself
now....Well i have to chat with my new friend online he is
a really sweet guy he lives far away though,,,,thats ok not
ready to jump into anything yet.......I don't know if i
could or would ever give all the love i gave to my husband
ever again for fear i would have my heart destroyed like my
husband has done to me,,,and i can't forget the trauma
caused to my kids,,,i pray they will adjust ok i will do my
damndest to be both mom amd dad for them,,,,,they are my

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