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2002-05-22 02:05:58 (UTC)

migrane! grr

i woke up sunday morning with a migrane. is it gone? nope.
bc of that (and the fact that it was GAY) jennys wedding
SUCKED!! i was happy for her tho. they looked good together.
i wish i could have someone i could be that happy with.
ryan and jess are goin out :-) im so happy for him. ive
like never seen him this happy. hes been wanting this for
so long.
so whats new with me?
well school sucks but work was AWESOME today.
thats about it
oh! and i swore off all bfs for this summer. i know that
wont last a moron.
LMAO...i went to the bathroom in 4th and the stall that
allison was talkin all that shit in said 'dan ruebensaal is
a jerk w/a small penis!' heh...i was like 'hmm...i wish i
brought my pen with me!' lol then ryan asked if that had
any relation to ____. *sigh* i dont even wanna think about
me and laura found a good quote...
'Sex: the pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous,
and the expense damnable'
well imma go to bed or something. exams tomorrow.

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