Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-05-22 02:05:10 (UTC)

here goez...

i haven't written in awhile so here goez...friday i whuz
bored outta my mind so i went to knightz of columbus. i
dont really kno anyone der except erin so i whuz just
hangin' ya kno. anywayz i started chillinb' wit dis guy
named haector and damn he whuz hella fine. anywayz i ended
up frenchin' him which i dont really like doin' cuz i dunno
sumthin' 'bout kissin' just getz me attached and i dont
like dat?..anywayz andrewz been likin' me for awhile now so
he started cummin' over and just chillin' at my house. well
he asked me out and i thought wut da hell and so...ended up
frenchin' him 2 i just dunno... dat relationship
lasted 'til today. i just dumped him..i dunno dat challenge
whuz over. when will i be satified. i dunno now i think i
crushin' on hector. either it' hector or his finezz i
haven't figured dat out yet. anywayz jordanz been tellin'
me jenn whuz pissed i whuz goin' wit andrew and jealouz dey
say she whuz tryin't o get us to split up. she aint da
reason we aint goin' out no more..it'z just i dont think he
whuz dat excitin', kinda boring i guess. anywayz i dont
like havin' boyfriendz cuz den i feel all tied down and
shit like dat. i dunno but it'z summer i'm just gonna kepp
it real and enjoy it!