2002-05-22 01:54:01 (UTC)


so im online now...and i read an email from my
university....i usually get mail from them about certain
things going on...well, i got an email saying that some
student committed suicide....he jumped off the roof of the
building. and if u r from nyc, the buildings are really
high. damn that's so just so interested in this
kid, adam now.....why did he do what he do? wut was going
on? its so weird- how you can don't know somebody, but
their story affects you. i juss feel sad now....darn it. he
was a history major from california....i wondered what went sad and i dont even know him. i thought my life
sucked----this just put everything into perspective.

and another thing on my MIND:
on the news, i heard that there'll be more terroist attacks
in truly scares the hell out of
thinking of transferring schools, but i can't run from
everything that im scared of. im so close to graduating, so
i think i'll just stick and see what happens. after
graduation, as a matter of fact, my dream was to study in
nyc and to work there....but im just too scared now...after
9/11 my dreams were pretty much shattered. now the stupid
news, says the bkylnbridge....damn im soo close to
everything! when i went to this school as a freshman, the
reason why i went was it's proximity to wall street and the
financial district, but now i see that being in the center
of the world isn't at all good. my wish and my prayer to
God--- please let everyone be safe...please...i don't want
to go through 9/11 again...i just want everyone to be
okay....i wish if i can rewind time and make everything ok
if there was a God, why did he let terroism attack us???
why? so many lives, everytime i think about it...i
just too overwhelmed w/ emotion and it's 8 months
after.....i was there that day...and it hurted too much to
even think of the catastrophe.....evil sucks....i just hope
the future will be bright for us here in America...i still
have this deep hole in my heart, and i can't explain how i's just too sad to articulate in words......