my entity
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2002-05-22 01:30:03 (UTC)

big fight?

Oh well...i feel so sad when i learned that my father and
his brother (Uncle Art) had a fight regarding the ownership
of the lot left by my Lola (granny).

It has come to a point where my other Uncle (Uncle Ed) from
US called us up just because of the shit lot!

And i felt very bad when my uncle made "sumbat" all the
help that he did for us and even for my Tita Baby :( that
is why both of them (papa n tita baby)cried a lot, a cry of
disappointment for their brother...even myself, cried a
lot. our feelings were hurt! it hurts..really...

Nah..just a small lot? sheeshh...

will this lead to a big fight? oh puhlesss...i hope not
*cross fingers*

ill pray for this!

9:31 AM