ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-05-22 01:06:13 (UTC)

Shop Till Ya Freek At The Spooky Boutique

ah well i went shopping this afternoon at my moms store...i
splurged way to much.my mom is picking up the tab tho since
im poor but i feel bad.but i want so much stuff..lol
well i got two shirts with 50's looking pin up girls on
em,an adidas shirt,sum wrap around tank tops,fresh looking
fubu shoes,a bob marley cd,a shit load of jazz cds like
Louie and Billie,sum old cheesy horror flick DVDs,a
documentary dvd on Marilyn Monroe,and a Bruce Lee dvd box
set.waaaaaay too much
well i got my car back,i need to get insurance put on it
tommorrow and call about gettin tags put on it.i cant put
my fucking decals on it till it gets nice out cuz i have to
wash and wax my car first.and with the way the weather has
been who knows.here it is almost summer and its cold as
fuck out.damn global warming...stale.
called Doc Conroy today after skool but her office hours
are only untill 3 so i gotta try calling tommorrow during
skool if i can ditch class long enough to use the pay
phone.i need to make an appointment with her ASAP.
adam finally dropped off my herb and voodoo potions book.i
need to make a list of herbs that i ran out of and get my
ass in gear.i need healing balms quick and there nothing
like voodoo and folk remedies to cure what ales ya.
well Amanda finds out tonight whats goin on with
Ponderose,she said i pretty much have the job i just need
to get my training scheudled and my outfit ordred and
shit.well imma be a working woman now..haha.at least i'll
be makin da chedda.
well sunday me and mom and mike are goin to Lightys
Fleamarket...like my fave place in the world.theres notihn
gi love more than fleamarkets,bizaars,swapmeets,and yard
sales...you can find soooo much neat-o stuff.i invited
Blyth to come along since he seems like he'd be the funnest
person to bring.the again hes like the only person i could
bring..i dont hang out with like anyone anymore.plus Gary
is having a party Friday that me Ronney and Blyth are
supposed to attend..im glad i'll get to see gary.

well imma kick it inta ashez-mode and bounce
Peace and Afro Grease muthaafuckkas

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