Michael Through Time

The Mad Scientist's Notebook
2002-05-22 01:04:43 (UTC)


Hello all...hope things have been going well. I've been
busy working and making millions and millions as I start to
save up for my poetry. It's a slow pot but it will grow.
Most of my debts are gone...well...sort of...lol.
Writing wise, Justice Byrds #101 and #102 are done. I'm a
little behind schedule here, but I'll make it up by the
week's end. I haven't seen anything of 100 so your guess
is as good as mine when the next issue appears.
I'm incorporating one or two more poems into this
collection. It seems that I'm never done with this, but it
seems an appropiate piece to add...It's called "If God
Exists" and it's one of my favorites. Even non believers
may cry at this...as it saddened and gladdened my heart to
write this. Not too many poems choke me up...but this one
is well done...even by my standards. (I can have a little
vanity can't I?)
I'm listening to Jeff Deyo's New Cd "Saturate"...I know
many people don't like the "God" stuff, but I find the
music enjoyable and hope you do too.
As God seems to be creeping up on me here, I think I'll
post a question before you get rid of me. If God Exists,
where you find him? In a future post I'll come back to
that...hopefully you will too...ttyl
Pleasant Dreams everyone
and hope you keep living life
as life is worth living

The Mad Scientist
Joshua Pantalleresco