2001-06-10 16:24:56 (UTC)

Whoa there!

What is up with people these days? People are always
doing some sort of drug, and they never realize just how
bad it will mess you up. You loose money, brain power,
oppertunities, life long goals, friends, and family, all
for what? A little bit of happiness that lasts for a little
while, and doesn't even come from something good? It
destroys people out there. No one cares either, they would
rather die. I figure if I wanna die, I might as well have
the time of my life doing something legal that wouldn't
destroy family, and friends along the way. If my life is so
bad, I should try to make it better, and not with goofy
drugs. I can be outragous and try to make people laugh,
make them happy and give them stuff just for being a great
person, I would work out so I could be the fittest person
on my block so they would all be jellous. I would take my
talents to a new level of accomplishment. I say what
talents? I have none. But there are some. I can make people
laugh like no one else, I can brighten peoples moods, and
give advice. I can be the best friend to anyone, not to
mention the best girlfriend. I get along with everyone from
punkers, to dorks, to preps. Yet I am none of those, no, I
am a loner. An in-betweener. I can challenge people with my
knowledge of how people act (I am a very observant person).
I can do all this. Everyone has talent, whether they know
it or not. I love to write poetry, and songs, my cousin
draws, my friend is so calm in the toughest of situations,
and more. So my question to everyone is why drugs? Why take
the path that's the most destructive, when you can take the
fun path, and actually possibly become a great person one
My life is sad. My boyfriend and I are hopelessly in
love like no one can imagine, yet he feels he must leave
the state, yet he wants to be with me. My mom has cancer, I
might have an STD, most of the people I know are depressed,
and I have a super boring life of doing nothing. People are
amazed at how strong I am. How I can hold back the tears
and sadness baffles them. I only can do it because I know
that someday off in the future life will be good. I will be
around the ones I love, and know, and all the pain will
eventially pass. I laugh the hours away today, with this
thought in my head of "It will be okay, just wait". Live
life to the fullest and you'll be surprised at what you
might find. Peace to you all, and please realize the
punishment of drugs, and get help, you'll be surprised at
how much better you will feel.