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2002-05-22 00:48:48 (UTC)

problem-help me

today was ok at first. it is the last week of my senior
year and i am feeling sentemental lol. so i am in
government class and i am talking tomy friend cathrine who
is a lesbian. i really trust he bc she keeps her moth shut
and she understands my confusion about being bisexual. so i
am telling her how i thought megan baco looked realy hot
yesterday and then i was like oh lk se fell asleep how cute
she looks. and cathrine laughed. so this was really quiet
while we were watching a movie and no one was supposed to
hear. so jaime, this girl might have heard and told her
friend christina and christina may have told baco- this
really sucks bc she most likely doesnt feel the same. so i
go to lunch and i am all happy bc it is a normal day. then
baco sits down at our lunch table and is like- "yeah so i
fall asleep in govt and... wait i cant tell u guys." then
she whispers something to joelle (who i hate) and then it
gets around the table. so everyone knows i like another
girl. but it is so wierd bc i dont exactly know what they
know so i cant go up to baco and be like yeah did u hear a
rumor that i like you? bc i do an then she will ask me if i
do and then it isnt a rumor. i dont know what to do. help me