The Nightshade Princess
2002-05-22 00:47:06 (UTC)

Can you feel the pain?

An odd experience was granted me this day. Having
read on a remedy for headaches involving energy work and
simple chants, I came across a friend of mine who was in
such a pain. Without thinking, I began to perform this
ritual... we were in class but it was nearly empty and we
were doing nothing at the time. It worked! She was quite
startled, and the class looked at me a little strangely...
but I had done it, and never did I practice once. I wasn't
sure it would work.
Finals are tomorrow. I should seriously consider
getting some sleep, seeing as how 8 1/2 hours is simply not
enough for me. I also should study, but I am already fried
from cramming during the classes today. I thought the few
of you who are left that actually read this would like some
sort of an update, and there you have it.