Life of Joolz
2001-06-10 16:03:33 (UTC)

Sunday 10th June 2001

Mental health report: OK but drained
Cigs consumed: Loads
Weather: Blinkin cold but sun's just got out.

16.50pm Well I'm sat here absolutely with me head done in
coz Mum and Dez just visited. Went 12.15 and it's been non
stop yakking in yer face stuff from her, never pauses for
breath, following me round house. Impossible. Head is still
spinning and I feel like I aint had a weekend-bolox.

Yesterday's sequence of events:
Q and Dez arrived 4pm ish. Invited Mike for evening meal
and didn't bargain for that so he had to have summat
different. Yak yak yak all the time-not interested in MY
photos, my gossip, just her her her. Listened and said mm
and ah in right places. head slowly spinning.
Cooked meal, on feet till 8pm. Tried to leave all 3 of them
in lounge wjile I had quiet sit in other room. No-shouted
all time through walls to come back in etc etc etc.
Mike went. Q and D got taxi to pub 8.30pm. Peace at last-
cooked my meal, had 2 vinos, had bath-more peace.
Went bed 11.40pm. Q and D still not back.
Had cuppa and choc in bed-they arrived home midnight. Taxi
had not turned up coz they gave fictitious name of the pub
they were at. (Donkey instead of Jockey) How thick can you
get? Taxi firm wouldn't have had a clue what they were on
Mum came up to my room, sat on bed quite drunk. Asked if I
would come downstairs, said not, as arse was killing me and
listened to her harping on for 10 mins. Left me to go to
sleep and very loud downstairs for ages. Just dropping off
to sleep when Q came up stairs shouting my name with cuppa
coffee. Light was off in bedroom and I was nearly asleep. Q
turned light ON and sat on bed and shook me awake. Very
annoyed by now. D came in!!!!! A man in my bedroom!!! Both
sat talking AT me drunk and I told them to go and let me
get some sleep. Bit tongue.
Finally Q came to bed and v.noisy with it. Didn't hear D
and Ron come up. Must have fell asleep about 1.30am. Woke
up 7.45 am and thought I would creep downstairs cos if Q
heard me she would get up and constant yakking would start
again. Had 15 mins peace and did ironing. Q came down and
v.loud yakking started again. No respite till 12.15 when
they went home. Cooked breakfast, on feet all morning.
House a tip-crumbs everywhere,glasses all over and stinks
of Q's smoke. Annoyed.
Finished tidying up 3ish and Sue rang for an hour. Mentally
exhausted now and bolox to everyone as I AM HAVING SOME
Right, got that off me chest. Where was I?

Even though I've moaned it was still nice to see Q but she
shouldn't invite people here for meals without my consent.
Damned cheek it is. If only she could talk quietly instead
of so bloody loud, it's as if she's tone deaf or summat and
she continually prods you in your arm while you're
speaking! Keeps saying 'are you listening to me are you?
Are you? Well?' effin hell.
Another thing too-had to put her off this time coz she
invited all 3 of them AGAIN for weekend 3 weeks
time!!!!!!!!!! Yer what? I am decorating and going to
Norway for my birthday. So that went down like a lead
balloon, but it's tough titty fish face. I am not having
people here when my house will be upside down with
decorating AND it's my only week off this summer until
October. Plus I am off away for my birthday and I DON'T
WANT NO EFFER HERE. Can you tell I'm a taj annoyed? Hee hee.

Am OK now. Ron's done gardening this afternoon, mowed and weeded,
done borders and watered the babies. Two woodpigeons have been on
lawn again, they are getting quite friendly now and don't fly off as

Sue has paid for Vix to go to Malaga for her 21st-nice prezzie that.
Sue gets biopsy results in 10 weeks now. She's same as ever and
Cleggy on comp nearly 24 hours a day on tournaments. To say we spoke
an hour that's all goss I have of any relevance.

Yesterdays Grub:
Breakfast: Nowt
Lunch: Lentil soup with butterbeans/1 dry wholemeal bread
Evening meal: Organic cheese and mushroom pizza with extra garlic,
salad of iceberg lettuce/watercress/baby tomatoes/black olives/red
onion/pesto mayonnaise.
In bed: 5 pieces white toblerone (not good at all)
Alcohol:2 glasses cabernet sauvignon and 1 glass strongbow (all night)
PS the glasses were quite big-haha.

Mum left today and give me a 125g bar of Cadburys dairy milk choc as
present (!) plus a dark red t-shirt with a hole on neckline. Eeh my
God. Won't print here what I think about that, and with all the money
they've got and all. One bank book had 16 grand in ya know! let alone
the rest.