The lost little girl
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2002-05-22 00:41:17 (UTC)

long days...

well i've been busy..very busy..monday at 1 was closing time
for the victorian B&B that kate and her mom run. so jimmie
and myself got to help. do you know what a bitch it is to
move heavy stuff from the thrid floor to the front
porch..well it sucked fuckin' donkey balls. i can't even
count how many times i walked into walls that day. i just
got so tired and clusterfucked..i couldn't do anything.
but..on the up side...kate took the two of us on to the
widow's walk...( side note- a widow's walk was usually build
on houses near oceans so that the wives could go up to the
top of their houses to watch to see if their husbands were
coming home from their time at sea.)however...we aren't
really near water..so it's a little strange..but still
awesome, you could see the whole town!!anyways...pretty
bored so i'm gonna go..ttyl love you all- janie

daily quote -
" "gas or novacaine?" ( Gas or novacaine, heh heh! Would
you like to see what we have on stock, Madam?Death by fire
or water, by the bullet or the noose, anything to please the
customer!) " - Sylvia Plath " the unabridged journals of
sylvia plath" pg. 12-13