Randi Lynn

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2002-05-22 00:22:09 (UTC)


Today was teh Funeral...People were actually laughing
during the ceremony, My aunt got up and sang, and her voice
was a bit scratchy, squeaky, and it was funny, so people
were laughing. and then my uncle got up to make a speech
and he was making jokes, and people were laughing. My Nanoo
would have wanted it, she was a very upbeat woman, wouldnt
want people crying..At least, i dont think so. She was very
loved, and i am very proud to be her granddaughter. While
we were over her house my da said for me to take a porclien
doll,I picked one and he said that it is not really
porclien, and to take another one, too, So I did. And then
he showed me a bunch of necklaces that my aunt, blanche,
Had said she was gonna throw away, But they were all my
nanoos, So I looked through them and took 3, One of them my
dad rememebrs her wearing all the time. Another One I just
thought looked pretty, and another one i remember her
wearing, it has three angel type thigns on it, And I
remember being over her house telling her That it was a
lovely necklace..My dad seems real happy that im coming
over his house for the summer. He understand about my mom,
Becasue right off he asks "So why did ya decide to coem
down for the summer, cant handle your mom anymore?" or
something along those lines. Mimosa is happy too. Mimosa is
my dads girlfriend, he lvies with her. Im Kinda nervous
about bringing my cat up, he was born to Elsie, who used to
be my dads girlfriend cat...Until it recently got hit by a
car. I Guess that Their Cats have a record of getting hit
by cars, and im afraid Kibbles might get hit. He doesnt go
near the road here, but Their house is closer to the road
than my house is. I Miss matt. x.x Ill see him tomorrow,
though, tinas gonna tell terri i liek matt, I cant convince
her not too, kinda makes me regret telling her, Terri hangs
around matt, I hope she doesnt tell matt that i like him.
I'd Kill tina and her. But Tina said she wouldnt tell hedi.
Hedi cant keep a secret. Terri Can. I Trust Terri more than
hedi. I Hope Matt doesnt have a girlfriend. I Hope robyn
doesnt like matt, too.Robyn's a bitch. SHe thinks shes
better than me. Im not saying i think im better than her,
because i dont, i dont think like that. Robyn thinks shes
better than everyone else, and when me and robyn were
friends she'd tell me that She has a better chance with
anyguy than i do. Like whne i told ehr i liked billy she'd
go, "I have a better chance with him than you do" AND she
wrote him a note asking who has a better chance with him To
prove it! goddamn bitch. She wouldnt show me the note. Said
that it has something on it i couldnt read. SOme best
friend. Anyway, We havent been friends for almost a year
now. I may not be happy but i dont have her as a friend.
But like I said, I am happy..When i see matt, and after i
see matt, he makes me happy...Its hard to make me happy.
Some people would tell you that. When i told some people
this, they're like "Yeah, i had a hard time trying to make
you happy.." I dont think matt even tries..Sheesh! Some
people i talk to online say i should publish my diary..when
i get older. I dont knwo why. He thinsk im a good writer.
Actully, if he reads this, he'd know im talking about him.
I woudner if yall can make out my typos?