Life Makeover
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2002-05-21 23:58:39 (UTC)

List of 25........

1.Was bold and brave and asked a guy out for the first time in Aug.
00 and now he is my fiance. On top of that he is 5 yrs younger than
2.Have commited to the fact that I will be giving up my $2300 per
month from survivors benefits to marry him. It's definately worth it!
3.Have began the process of moving OUT OF STATE, to begin a new life.
4.Got my children out of the public school system and into charter.
5.Actually, attempted homeschooling with the toughest kid on earth.
6.Lost 10 lbs on a crash diet(was actually very healthy), didn't stop
until those 10 pounds were off.
7.Gave a home business my absolute best effort for 7 months. It
failed though, but I learned so much about this computer.
8.Went on a plane! That is something I never thought I would do.
Wish the destination was more fun-Ohio-Hicksville even. Oh well, it
was great being lost in Chicago.
9.Cut my hair off. That has got to be a start to getting rid of some
my apperance insecurities.
10.Just took off and went fishing without any second thoughts.
Caught 5 trout. Not bad for a beginner. Next time I'll worm my own
11.Began my families Family Tree! New Hobbie! Genealogy! I love
searching for my own family history. I keep feeling that there is
something very important I am supposed to find.
12.Put my baby in a child care for a few months. Never did that
before. Not quite trusting enough. Too expensive though!
13.Went down with my fiance and we drew up papers for my babys
adoption, just as if he has always been his father. I am very proud
for my little Shawn. He deserves it!
14.Actually went and got medical treatment when I needed it. Usually
allow time to go by to long. No period for almost a year is I guess
a little to long. Feel better now.
15.Committed to having a baby with my new husband to be, when the
time is right-like after we're married. That'll be a first for me.
16.Application for a new home in our new state. Hopefully it will
all be in affect soon. I still can't believe I did this one. Never
thought I would qualify.
17.Left my home and my children to be with my sister(they were all in
good hands) to help my sister with her family after surgery.
18.Bought a 4 wheel drive MPV Van. I really love it. It was all on
a whim too. I hated that Elantra Wagon. Newer, but not worth it.
19.Doing this! This book and lessons. To forget all my past
mistakes and just try to find out who I am without beating myself up
over what I should have done in the first place. NO MORE!!
20.Went down to the humane society and got my children an English
Pointer Hound. I was content without a dog, but they really wanted
one so badly. I am now finally glad we have her.
21.Let go of alot of clutter. Plus, two large furniture items. I
don't miss the little stuff, but the hutch and piano have been
replaced with more space and a computer. Really worth it!
22.Went garage sale hunting by myself and got the best deal at the
best time. I found a water crock on a white stand for only $25.00.
About $125-$200 savings. We were just arguing about if it was
necessary or not. I love it! I am going to paint the stand.
23.Revealed all my intimate self to my fiance. Fantasy's I have some
of the secret things I like to do. He love it! I am shocked!
24.Painted my apartment. After 5 years of dull walls I just couln't
take it. Plus, my fiance was moving in.
25.Got onto and shared my thoughts and opinions with
other moms. Still somewhat of a hermit, but I now have email pals
from all over.
26. Oh my gosh! There's more? Made my profile on ivillage. It was
kind of scary since people you don't even know read it, but it was
pretty good. They even said so.
27. Got on a board with my absolute work out hero-Kathy Smith and on
Kick Butt-Denise Austin used one of my posts on her board for her
28. Completely told the truth to my wonderful caring finace about my
weight gain(I'm sure he is getting a little worried-but won't say
Hope I can add to this later. passionflower

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