Life Makeover
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2002-05-21 23:57:25 (UTC)

From Life Makeover-Cheryl Richardson

I have just began a new book which is tittled at the top.
It contains 52 Practical & inspiring ways to improve your
life one week at a time. Each week there is a lesson to
write out in a journal.

This is where this diary comes in. I am supposed to go and
buy a diary that is pleasing to my eye, but I'll tell you;
there is way to much paper and books in this apartment as
it is and very little privacy. So I went to the internet
and picked out a web site that I thought seemed the easiest
to manage. I reviewed a few, I didn't just pick the first
one to pop up.

My first lesson of the book is really tough. It will take
me all week, maybe two.
TAKE ACTION CHALLENGE#1 Reflect on the previous year and
make a list of 25 things you are most proud of
accomplishing over the last twelve months. This list may
include ways that you've grown as a person, goals you've
achieved, and the positive changes that you've made in your

Well, I'll start working on that on the next entry, by then
I'll have somewhat of a list to write out and then I can
just throw it away.