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2001-06-10 15:30:36 (UTC)


~*Well yesterday krystal spent the whole day over r
house.we cleaned(not my choice)then we walked up to taco
bell for some grub,and walked allllll the way to this
elementary school where my bro and mom were watchin a
game.We were bored the rest of the day till we went to them
movies and tell me why my mom made me bring a jacket(she
said it was cold)Naw it was hot as hell she jus didnt like
the shirt i was wearing.hehe i luv pissin her off.We were
suppose to go BG today but i dont think we r cuz my mom
cant pick us up jus drop us off and theres a bunch of
problems like krystals not even awake yet.I dont know if i
even want to now.We could jus go to the beach instead cuz
that would be fun too and i need a tan on my white ass name ended up not comin over cuz of something she
had to go to at 6:30 and i was like u didnt come over for
that b/c it was late in the afternoon.o well.fuck her if
she wants to be like that.I swear im a disease and i keep
infecting ppl. i had a dream the other day where my mom
said that to me maybe its true.I dont know maybe im crazy.Im in a
good mood today though which is kewl.Isnt it weird how lil things can
make u happy or set u how i am.Something lil can make
me really happy or make me really mad.hehehe im not crazy jus a lil let me stop.yes krystals on and gonna get off
here cuz i think we might go to the beach...only one problem i dont
have a bathing suit lol.i can fix that though heh im so happy. i hope
my mom doesnt ruiin it.