Dirty Fractyl
2002-05-21 22:35:13 (UTC)

I remember...

When I had an idea what I wanted in life,
When girls were a diversion, instead of a vitality,
When my heart beat one beat after another,
When beer was a novelty, not a crutch,
When people gave me advice and I listened,
When raising a family and being a father seemed reasonable,
When weed was just an occasional indulgement,
When poems seemed to express me,
When paint could transcend its properties and exhibit my
When music was an enchanting background to the soundtrack
that is my life,
When staring in the mirror felt like viewing myself,
When adults seemed distant,
When certainty seemed certain,
And when I believed love existed--
Without faults,
Without failures,
Without imperfection.

Social wisdom is the death of idealism.