my pathetic life
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2002-05-21 22:17:09 (UTC)

between the buried and me

on sunday they're was a between the buried and me show. i
wanted to go cuz i like that band. i asked my parents if i
could go when i got home on saturday. i already had a ride
and everything. one problem was that i had a school band
concert that same nite, no problem i could just get my
brother to take me from school to tremont (where they were
playing). or i could just skip the school concert all
together and say i was sick or somthing. its not a big deal
i dont play anyways, my parents wernt even going to be
there so more of a reason for me not to go.

well, on my mothers way out to tennis (reason why she wasnt
coming to school concert)she turns to me and says "me and
your father talked and decided that you cant go to that
thing tonite". a little ticked and asked why. "its a school
nite" she says. hmm ok that would be fine if u had never
let me out on a school nite before, but oh wait, they have.
yes about a month ago i called my mother from school to ask
if i could go to a saves the day concert. she said fine and
talked to my friends mother about it and told me that i
could go and that i would be sleeping over at my friends
house. i gave her more times notice and yet it was a

"i dont know these friends your going with" she continues.
wow i think to myslef, u dont know any of my friends, even
friends that sleep over practicaly every weekend and u
still dont know them. why would this be any different? "how
old is your friend" she asks. well mother HOW OLD THE FUCK
AM I? since u forgot my birthday this year, u dont know how
old i am, what does my friends age matter.

"well when does it end, maybe if it ends before 10 u can
go". yeah alright, 10 hmm lets think about this one. i dont
go to bed at 10, if it ends at 10 i'll get home and
10:20ish. i dont go to bed untill 11, 11:30. that doesnt
seem practical. shes going out but lets get her home so she
can, well, sit on her ass.

they had no ligit reason for not letting me go. yes it was
a weeknite but that has never been a problem before. they
never cared. when i went to saves the day she had no idea
who were the people i was spending the nite with, she had
never met them. i get over not geting what i want if there
was a reason why i didnt get it. just cuz they said so is
not a reason. i have always refused to take that. no one
should, im the parent isnt a reason its a position. well
this is getting kinda long so ill quit