The End
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2001-06-10 14:39:58 (UTC)


The usual nightmares aren't alone anymore. They have found
some company. Well, maybe found isn't the right word. More
like converted. Nightmares like Jehovah's Witnesses sucker
dreams in with promises of glory and once they have them it's
only a matter of time before they too, believe and set out to
convert the next naive unsuspecting dream to the dark side.

All this does is keep lids wide open while the mind slowly
shuts down, recoiling at the idea it would have to visit
there again. Can nightmares drive you insane? Seems quite
possible you know. So real at times all 5 senses work
overtime to exhaust the spirit as well as the body. Rising,
shaken and sweaty like a prizefighter after a tenth round
knockout, not quite sure of who you are or what you are
doing there.

Energy becomes thought and thought becomes reality in
nightime forays. Why does it seem so often that the mind
chooses to convert the negative rather than the positive for
its wild rollercoaster rides into the familiar yet unknown.
Why not choose to land on that big fluffy cloud, relax and
bath in the sun's warmth rather than nose dive straight into
that cliff at the speed of light.

copyright 2001 linke