Me and X
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2002-05-21 21:43:34 (UTC)

no news

I've emailed X twice....
he said hed have access to a computer in california.........

no replies so far. I hope everything is okay with him. I
miss him.

I had a great day with my babies at the daycare though. I
cant believe I spend more waking hours with some of them
than their parents do. I love them so much. I got a lot
of love and hugs and kisses today.. I am so glad I have
them here for me. They love me no matter how screwy I am
in the head, and I'm good at taking care of them.

arg.. X.. please get back to me, I want to know how you
guys did on the "Price is Right." haha..
ughh.. I really do miss him a lot.