cosmic ski slopes
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2001-06-10 14:11:50 (UTC)

The Smell of Beer

My dad's an alcoholic. I dunno if I've ever told u that.
But he drinks. A lot actually. Last night was no exception.
Him and James (My aunt's b/f) were up until past 1am
drinking out in dad's workshed. They kept mom up all night
even though she's been working overtime lately... Why do I
feel like nothgin I say even matters? To them, about
yellnig and going to bed, to mom about what I want... TO
ANY OF YOU WHO AREN'T READING THIS?? I know no one reads
these damn things... just more proof that no one gives a
flying fuck about me or my life. I thuoght I was used to
it... it's not something u get used to though. I gotta go,
maybe I'll go drink some...

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