mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-05-21 20:55:41 (UTC)

I Need Help !......

my son jon just called me... he wanted to know where his
jacket was...(i think he just did that to get me on phone)
I told him that he probably left it on the rescue truck
after muster practice on sunday. He really wanted to know
if i was planning on comming down on monday for memorial
day. he said that his mother (my pita EX) was working ,and
he needed to know what was going on . i told him I also
needed to know what was going on, as i was not really
planning on comming down and spending whole day with
nothing really to do except parade that he and his sister
will be in , then go to work. I want to spend time w/all
the kids but we aree 80 miles apart.... what do i do ??
i am gonna ask my counselor the same thing tommorow, and i
hope that i can settle this w/o any fighting..

mood : confused, big time...