2002-05-21 20:44:59 (UTC)


Worked til 2:45 today. We had 1350 orders today, but we
got them done in 5 hours. Surprised me. Otherwise, not a
lot happened at work. It was Kathleen's last day before
the wedding though. I said I'd probably be there. I was
thinking about the play today for some reason. I think
it's coz I met your nephews that day. I wonder if they
thought that was the only time they would ever see or hear
from me agian? Funny how things are. God you looked great
that night. Especially your hair. I remember sitting
upstairs with my nieces and watching the play....and
watching you. I remember you said that you kinda dressed
up for me. If I would've known that, we would've made out
right then and there.(hahaha) Just kidding. I miss
working with you. It wasn't work when we worked side by
side. It was more like get to know each other time. I
always looked forward to UPS coming so we could unload
together. I'd start calling you feisty and posessive and
some other I can't think of right now. You would say
"Thats not nice." That always made me laugh. I knew you
thought it was funny too coz you were those things. Thats
never a bad thing though. Be yourself and people can't
help but like you. Also, I would try and block you from
getting away from the table in the breakroom by rolling my
chair in the way. Remember, early in our instant message
conversations, I told you that if you or your family ever
needed anything, I would do my best to help? Now,
excluding certain company, its like I would do anything to
help you. Just say the word. I know you don't want me
involved right now but if you need anything, just ask.
Funny, your name just popped up on the screen. I wonder if
its you? Its 3:45. Guess I'll leave now anyway. See ya
when I see ya. BYE!!!

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