My problems.
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2002-05-21 19:16:52 (UTC)


Do you have any idea how much pain you people put
me through? I mean think about it. I try to be the nicest
person possible but you people like love to hurt me. Do
you think I like to be picked on? Do you thihk that even
though sometimes your joking it still hurts me? I have
feelings to damnit. You hurt me so much when you say
stuff like, you on a bike? Or that I smell? Do you have
any idea how fucking much I do just to fucking please
you? I take a shower every god damn day. I was my
clothes BEFORE i goto school. I've tried so much god
damn stuff and yet all you can say is that I smell? I
know for a fact that I don't smell and you just can't let it
go. Thanks for hurting me so damn much.


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