GoOd TiMeZ & bAd
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2002-05-21 17:42:40 (UTC)

guyz are dogs!!!!

what the hell is up w/ these god damn guys. i mean c mon
they lead u on and u start to fall for them then they make
up this stupid excuse about being involved w/ this crap and
that doesnt allow them to date u. ugh!!!!!!!!! i hate guys
and love guys at the same time!!!! i hate them cuz they're
dogs and i love them cuz they are so cute and sweet! what
is gonna happen with my life. chris said that he is
involved w/ stuff that doesnt allow him to go out w/ me. he
said that he would love to go out w/ me but he can't im
like screw you i got a man! i really didnt say that but i
was thinkin that. im soon not gonna have a man cuz i really
do need to break up w/ mine cuz i am so in love w/ chris. i
know that it sounds really crazy cuz im like only 13 but i
mean i do believe that u can fall in love at 13. i mean i
havent felt this way about someone in a long time. i mean i
feel great every time i think about him even though i am so
pissed off at him. i sometimes say his name just to say it!
i want him so bad and i dont know if i can get him. that's
something that i have never had to deal w/ b4. i have
always goten what i wanted sooner or later. maybe that
means that chris just might come later. i mean i need to
get him out of the shit that he is in right now so he
doesnt screw up his life. he is too good of a person to do
that. i want to help him but he wont let any1 help him.
please send ur comments!!!