Coz it's what it's all about
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2001-06-10 09:16:14 (UTC)

(10/06/01) Well it's gotta start somewhere...

My first entry...
y'know it's going to be boring...
Still trying to get used to the whole "diary on the
internet thing" i wont be writing all that much... in fact,
i don't know WHAT i will write! The only things worth
mentioning going on in my life at the moment are totally
private, and are only known by two other people: my
boyfriend and my best friend (that makes sense...)

I guess i could introduce myself...

I'm 18, I work full time at a photographic lab as their
newly appointed Lab Manager *class*
I love cats, Zed, Photography and hate Kumura, peanuts and

I live in Auckland, New Zealand, where i have lived my
entire life (bar 2 month trips overseas)
My mum is something like an 8th generation Kiwi, and my dad
is about a 10th generation (or close to) Barbadian (ie:
he's from Barbados... y'know... tropical island, perfect
paradise, white sand, clear water, gorgeous suntans... rah
rah rah and so forth)

I have two best friends... Liz and Michael. They both mean
absolutely everything to me. I've been through a lot w/
both of them... break ups and disaster friendships w/ Liz,
and absolutely everything w/ Michael.

And then there is Callum... we've been going out for 5
months... today actually!! (if you don't count the messy
break up last weekend...) And i love him, yet have never
been able to physically say it to him... i don't kno why...