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2002-05-21 15:12:23 (UTC)

Sick and tired of their shit

I can't beleive what my parents put me through. they say
that i date too much. I haven't dated since i broke up with
John about three months ago. then i find this really nice
guy named Chris. he is awesome, everything that i want and
wished for in a guy. Nice personality, nice body and
accepts me for who i am. And just because i called him
first my parents don't think that it is a good idea. They
suck. i told my mother that i was tired of their shit and
she told me that when i turn 18 that i can move out. i want
to soo bad but why move out when i have a place right
there. she told me that if the guys were more important
that them then goodbye. I think that she thinks that i am a
slut. i actually don't know what she thinks. it really
buggs me. sometimes she can be really cool then when it
comes to guys she is shit. i am seriously thinking about
turning lesbian, i think that, that is the only way to
please her in any way. i just hope that it works.