Pointless Ramblings
2002-05-21 15:11:15 (UTC)

Hey I'm still writing after one day, howabout it.

Shit piss cunt fuck cocksucker motherfucker tits fart turd
and twat... I fucked your mom.

Ah, the only good Blink-182 song ever.

It reminds me of the first time I met Jessie's mom. We
listned to Nerf Herder and I asked Jessie's mom if I could
write a song about jerking off into a sock while thinking
about her. She said "no, that would be creepy" then I
asked Jessie and she said she would be flattered and that
freaked out Jessie's mom a little... then I took off my
pants and made Jessie smell them. Ah, good times.

Last week I took off my pants and got in Jessie's mom's
truck with her and put my arm around Jessie while everyone
else got uncomfortable. I used to call Jessie's mom while
listening to Marvin Gaye and try to suduce her. I think it
almost worked. Then I listened to the slightly less
romantic "Pussy All Night" by Mindless Self Indulgence.
They are indeed an awsome band. One time I called Jessie's
mom from school. Her mom's funny. When Jessie's little
brother gets overzealous she says "hey, don't cream you

Oh well enough about that. I left school early today cause
I don't feel good. My tum-tum hurts and my nose is all
runny. This morning an assload of snot flew out my nose
when I laughed. I wanted to yell at Mrs. Smith, but Amanda
convenced me not to.

I need Amanda in all my classes. She makes me do my work
and she keeps me out of trouble. She got me some extra
credit work today (thanks Mandy.) Heh, I called you Mandy.

I want to go to Hayley's dance class thing today, my mom
might not let me go cause I stayed home.

Well, I'll end it here.

If your still reading this then, my god, you are a loser.
My life is incredibly boring and me writing about it is
almost unbearable.

But thanks for reading.

Remember, feedback people, feedback.

cya, I love you Hayley.