Sleeping with the lights on
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2002-05-21 14:06:16 (UTC)

there's no sun.

May 21, 2002
I just have to say that sometimes friends come from the
weirdest places, and love falls on you when you least expect
it. I don't know if Reese loves me..LOL..hahaha..yeah right!
Oh well. It's okay because he's hot and hot boys never stay.
I will find a keeper someday, and maybe I won't push him
away. I rhymed that..word.
I haven't ever thought about talking to Anna like ever
again but fuck her. I made up with Al yesterday and that's
like totally fine with me. I can be friends with Al and not
Anna. I think I like it better that way, anyways.
I get to see Reese today and that is fucking awesome! I
wonder if he wants to see me? I hope I hope I hope!! mmm, so
fine! I wonder where they were all weekend? Eh, I
am not really making any sense..mmm Reese is SO FINE!!
I have to go to Vonnie today, and that sort of sucks but I
don't know, there is nothing I can do about it. My mom still
thinks that I need an adult to relate to because my friends
aren't really that much help. That's what she says, not
me..I think my friends are the only thing keeping me alive.
Thanks to the people that stayed with me even though I
My mom and I had like this amazing break through the other
day. She hurt my feelings so bad, and like..I just wanted to
talk about it and she was pretty mad that I was crying. So
she came up to me and like..I just started bursting into
tears. That wasn't a really good day for me. Al and I got
into a fight that was making me want to die. but, that's
over with.
After this weekend I came to school and I wanted to kill
myself. Then, I left school and everything was okay.
Ron and Adam have become like really close friends of mine,
and it sucks that I can't like really be around them. I hang
out with them a lot but without my mom's permission. I know
if she knew that I was with them she would flip. It's
working out right now though, so I don't have to worry about
it. I keep rambling on..sorry I have nothing interesting to
really talk about.
Nobody reads this anyways,and some of the people who do are
bye for now.