Meaningless Ramblings of Dark_Child
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2002-05-21 08:08:15 (UTC)

.......sO aLoNe........

Current Music: 'Stay Together for the Kids' by Blink 182

I luv this song, even though I don't really listen to much
Blink 182. It really relaxes me. I'm not sure why.

This entry is going to get really depressing, so I'm going
to warn whoever is reading this beforehand. Sorry!

I feel so lonely, but I know for sure that there is
somebody out there who knows how I feel, there has to be.
It's just a matter of finding them. I wonder how long it
will be before I do find them.

I feel constantly empty. I can't remember the last time
when I was happy. Whenever I think things are going right,
something else will come up and fuck me up completely and
I'll be even worse than before. It's like taking one step
forward and two steps back.

Nothing ever seems to go right for me. Whenever I think my
day might be going well, and that nothing could possibly
ruin my happy mood, it does. It can be the tiniest little
thing. But, it still ends up hurting like hell.

I don't know what's wrong with me. I just want somebody who
understands me. I hate my life. I don't belong here.

Bye Bye