Meaningless Ramblings of Dark_Child
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2002-05-21 06:11:03 (UTC)

This sucks..

Current Music: 'Liberate' By Slipknot

This sucks, I have to complete an entire social studies
project by tomorrow! I can't find any information and I'm
too tired to think. Ugh....

I need somebody to talk to but nobody's online. I have
heaps of work to do, so I'm gunna be on here for a while.

Nothing major has really happened in my life at the moment,
you can probably tell from my last few uninteresting
entries. Hehe....

I need to re-dye my hair soon, I'm starting to get light
brown regrowth and it looks a bit strange on black hair.
That can be this weekends job. :)

Well, I have nothing to say, so I'll stop boring you and
get back to work!

Bye Bye

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