The Daily Babble
2001-06-10 03:52:46 (UTC)

Busy Busy...

Phew, what a day!...I had to get up early to take my sister
to the hospital where she volunteers while I'm like half
asleep. But afterwards, I just came home and went back to
sleep until 11 =-).

I read the paper and showered and what not and it was time
to go get my sister I picked her up and then me
her and my mom went to AC Moore. See, we have to decorate
three baskets for my cousin's wedding so we went to find
stuff...but AC Moore didn't have any baskets so we drove to
Rag Shop which didn't have them either [not the kind we
were looking for anyways]...but we bought the decorating
material from and lace..oohhh hehe. And then
we went BACK to AC Moore for the glue gun and we bought two
necklaces for me and my sister for 50 cents each! Hehe.
And then it was back home.

I made lunch for me, Nisha, Jay and my parents...I made
spicy pancakes which my dad complained about...that made me
pretty annoyed but whatever....Afterwards, me, mom, Nisha,
Jay and his mom went to Payless to get him sneakers and to
Mandees for us but we came back empty handed. But Jay did
get his sneakers...

Jeff and I had left messages to each other on our
cellphones during the day. =-) We told each other what we
were doing and that we'd talk soon. Hehe.

Came home and watched another Indian movie ["Mujhe Kuch
Kehna Hai" (Translation: "I have to tell you
something")]...This one was very close to terrible!...The
ending was good but the story wasn't that great, if at all!

Then my aunt and uncle [the one of the daughter getting
married] came over and they didn't leave til 9 PM! And my
mom hadn't even really made dinner yet! So I helped my
aunt with Roti's and my mom made other stuff and then
everyone took turns eating.

Then after dinner, me and my sister decorated one of
the "baskets"...its in quotes cuz its actually not a
basket, but that's ok.

Right now I'm pretty tired but I'm still chatting to
Jeff...we were gnona get together tomorrow but now we're
not....I guess its ok...I mean I'm not mad we're not seeing
each other or anything..I think it just makes us look
forward to Wednesday more....We're planning on a lil
picnic in his room or something...but I'm not sure what
exact plans are...but it should be nice..whoohooo...

Well that's all for today!