2001-06-10 03:29:55 (UTC)

personal privates

showers in the late-afternoon and wet bathroom.

that entire sentence basically sums up my life. it's always
raining outside and i cannot overcome this desire to take
another bath. i blame it on the vancouver weather and the
cheapo bastard who sold his house to us.

well. maybe i shouldn't really be using language that
strong. maybe i should be using stronger. maybe i should
stop second-guessing myself. ahem. anyway, what this guy
did was take every, single appliance he could out of the
house. we -did- ask him whether he would be taking them.
but he said no. but that's not the worst.

he took the fridge, the microwave, the oven the dishwasher,
the air-conditioners and the stove top. the STOVE-TOP. and
he didn't remove them properly either. there were live
wires and rough-ly cut pipes everywhere. when we entered
the house, the water mains were off. and so we turned it on
to flush away the crap he left behind in a toilet bowl in
the first floor bathroom. when we did, water rushed out of
three different pipes in the kitchen, flooding over the
live wires and heading straight for the carpet.

in removing these items, he sratched the tiles on the
kitchen floor and covered the rooms in a layer of dust.
every drawer in the kitchen had some sort of food in it.
the toilet bowls all had a layer of ureum stuck to it. an
hour of scrubbing was what it took to get rid of that film.
and not even all was removed. there was grease on the
kitchen floor. brown-rust coloured, caked-up grease. you'd
think that a man of his standing would have left the house
better and not tried to kill it. i mean there was dog hair
in the kitchen sink. what the hell?

this man was a prominent buisness man. there were magazine
ads revealing his choice of tuxedo. he's had his picture
taken with almost every important person in the area. he's
now bankrupt and the house was a bank sale. whatever his
present circumstance, leaving the house in that state is no
way to say goodbye to his lifestyle. just says so much
about his character.

he has three daughters. all of them are going to the same
school as i am. i'm not going to spread rumours or
anything, but i can't help looking at them in a different
light. they are really talented, musically. their name is
synonymous with musicianship. and these are the kind of
people i respect. well i guess it takes all kinds.

i'm going to take another shower. that house makes me feel
so dirty. i'm moving in next week. i think i'd be able to
clean it up by then.