Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2002-05-21 02:06:51 (UTC)

Super Monday

I haven't eaten much at all today- just a Lean Cuisine meal
and some baby carrots with ranch dressing, and now I'm
eating some low-fat Mac and Cheese. My logical side knows
that's not a good thing. But then there's always the voice
in the back of my head saying, "That's ok. You'll lose
more weight if you get used to not eating." Either way,
I'm not going to eat a whole lot more this late anyway.

I've been drinking a lot of water too.

On the treadmill today, I ran the first half mile straight
through! I broke my time record for the first mile again.
I am so proud of myself for that, because I was really
ready to slow down after I hit .15 miles.

I got my Tae Bo tape from eBay today. I can't wait until I
learn it well enough to really get a good workout from it.

I'm ready for Super Tuesday!

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