Ode to a psycho!HA!
2002-05-21 01:42:39 (UTC)

And I Sang

Brian's moving to Mississippi. definitely. In about three
weeks. This has to be one of the most.......... I'm feeling
so.............distraught. He asked me to sing for him. So I
sang. I sounded, alot less than perfect, and of all the songs
I could have sung I chose one that probably wasn't a very
good one. but I sang. and he said it was good anyway. =) I
wanted to sing My Only Hope, but I couldn't find the words. I
listen to it so much you would think they were etched into
the back of my skull, but they weren't there. Even so, I
sang. and I guess the only thing that made it decent at all
was that I felt what I was saying. Every word had a purpose,
and a feeling. And I think he knew. and I sang. Brians moving
to mississippi. in three weeks. I am completely booked this
week, I perform Thurs, Fri and Sun, and I have daniella's
graduation party on saturday, Mon is a holiday, and Tues day
I leave,and I dont believe I'll be back 'til Friday night, or
Saturday day. THe following week I go into rehearsal 5 nights
a week. I need to see him. he's three weeks. mississippi.........and he asked me to sing.. i sang.