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2002-05-20 23:43:23 (UTC)

Barney (aka Jeremy )

First of all lemme explain that me and my freinds had our own lingo back then. Just as Jimmy smile meant "fuck me" smile, Barney was Jeremy. Why? well he had this one purple outfit, wich he wore on a drunken day and it just stuck lol (although he didnt know it lol)

Anyways, Jeremy was another of those guys stuck in the recesses of my mind... except not os far back as some. I first met him thru his step sister who i was friends with. he had moved there to live withis dad b/c apparently he had got on coke real bad or something living with his mom. So the first time i met him i was withhis sister and he kinda tagged along and was geekin comin down off the blow and shit... i wasnt very impressed to say the least, but was nice for her sake. (as she begged me to be lol)

****to be continued*******

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