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2002-05-20 23:15:49 (UTC)

The Jimmy smile.... lol

God, how could i forgett that smile... that smile terrified and captivated me all at once. lol It was just one of those big, beautiful, sleezy "fuck me" smiles. If you've ever run into one in your life, then I'm sure you know exactly what i mean... If your clueless, your proabaly better off as such smiles are dangerous lol My best friend MP and i started calling all fuck me smiles "jimmy" smiles after this guy... cuz none could top his. So, in our world (without even his knowing it) that smile was infamous. :)

It wasnt just the smile that got you though, although if that didnt...lol, the guy reaked of sex... he just oozed raw sexuality. In the way he looked at you, in the way he smiled at you, in the way he breathed even... and to top it all off (as if that werent enough!) he had a tongue reminiscent of gene simmons.... no joke.

I was like 16/17 and a virgin... a virgin whore as my friends fondly called me lol translation... a huge dick tease lol anyways, so this guy terrified me. Of course being me i would never have let on that he did. As a matter of fact i fucked with him all the harder b/c of it. But i was terrified of how bad i wanted him. Especially knowing what a player he was. I mean my thing was braking players down... and here i was sweatin this guy so hard i could hardly breath when he was near me. ya know?

Still , he never knew that. I mean granted he wasnt completely ignorant , but i was a good liar. lol
so he had no clue of how bad i wanted him... or maybe he did. lol regardless nothing ever came of it, except a few years of on again off again bulshit... and an ever gorwing sexual tension between us. i would see him when i was out, talk to him on the phone , basically fuckin with his head was my defense against falling into the hands of this guy lol In other words, the more i made him want me, the less scared i was by how ba i wanted him. still, all thta wanting and nothing ever happened... lol

He was one of those guys though that stay in the recesses of you mind. One of those wish i had done that kinda things lol and i really didnt even realize how much i remebered about or how much i once felt untill i ran into him onine.

it was when i first got this thing and i was in a chat room when somebody said they were from my home town. he jumped in my whisper and when he said he was actually from an even smaller town outside of there i started scanning my brain of who i use to know who lived there. i asked if he knew Jimmy ______ and he said it was him. Turns out it really was. we chatted everynight, sometimes all night, that entire winter... well maybea little longer. It was a major dose of nostalgia on my part, as this guy remebered me all too well, and reminded me of things i had long forgotten.. i finally had th echance to fess up and thats what i did......


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