Pure Belligerence
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2001-06-10 00:52:25 (UTC)

*Miss me? course not*

I got back from vacation last night at 12:30 and today i
went with alicia to get our hair done and while we were in
town we desided on the spur of the moment to see
evolution... it was ok if you like the aliens-invading-our-
planet-and-a-hot-guy-saving-it type movie. Vacation was
great.... pardon my language but the guys there are soooo
fucking hot its like i died and went to hot boy heaven....
but it was all around a good time, i am so moving there
when i get out of school. I went horseback ridding a few
times, western, my favorite, even though i take english
lessons, and other things i will probably talk about later.