§arah e.j
2001-06-10 00:40:43 (UTC)


ok im up a bit sleepy but @ least this thing works. Im
almost home alone, my mums gonna leavr soon and my brother
bob is asleep. oh ya and...


for starters, i saw an image in my dream that i had never
seen b4. when i go on the internet the next day, theres the
same image. and the second reson is i made up a trading
card game in my sleep. how kool is that? i haven't played
it b4 but i will soon!!!!


well just say ur playing with umm normal everyday cards.
for this eg: ill use ace, 2 & 3. all the different types of
symbols are put into ur pile. the other player might have
king, queen & jack. they do the same. After they do that
they shuffle there cards. and then they fraw them out. you
had to get an ace to start, or if ur the other player a
jack. if u get a different card u out it u put it down @
the bottem of ur pile. if u get an ace of , and u also
get an 2 of , u put the two of on top of the ace of
. First one to have ne symbol built to its highest value,
wins!!! i hope u get that cause i cant be stuffed to write
ne more aboot this game...


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www.stickdeath.com really kool uh u GUYS would like it!!!

well ill get going to write on my other online diary, cya