Thoughts to Share
2002-05-20 20:46:05 (UTC)


So this weekend I pretty much was frantic in my packing.
Well...no, frantic probably isn't the word. Apparently I
wasn't too much into the packing thing. I think my
parents, especially my dad, didn't think that I was
actually going to be packed at all by 10:00 Sunday
morning. I'll have you to know I was ready,
packed...everything by 9:45. I even had time to sit down,
glance at the paper, and figure out a few entries in the
crossword puzzle. :-p Pssh...and they thought I wouldn't be
ready. I was SO ready.
Church was really good on Sunday. It was youth sunday...my
brother led the service and did a very nice job. They
honored the graduates, high school and college, so I was
very proud of Daniel. I also knew that the men's group and
the church itself were giving him the first ever Good
Samaritan Award for our church. It was for his service to
the youth, church, and community. He has been extremly
dedicated, especially when he completed his Eagle scout
project. I knew that the records were logged in the church
office, that was the point. But, they are also in Raleigh
and the Library of Congress. I was impressed. They had
kept this award a secret from him, and I think he was
pretty suprised. The honors chorus from my old high school
sang as the main point of the service. It was beautiful.
They sang "Make Them Hear You" from the Broadway musical
Ragtime. I'd never heard it before, but I liked it. Check
out the lyrics sometime. They're good. At the end they
also sang a version...somewhat of a round...of the
song...you know... "May the Lord bless you and keep
you...the Lord make his face to shine upon you..." Right,
that one. They were in a circle, spaced around the church,
and it was very moving. I think it made my dad cry. It
was just a very nice service. Made me somewhat not want to
leave home.
But, now I'm back here in the Creek, and I'm pretty much
settled. :-) Even had breakfast...well, coffee and fruit
in Marshbanks. :-p Back in the routine.